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Magic WMA to MP3 Converter Trial

Magic WMA to MP3 Converter is a powerful WMA/ASF batch converter ideal for convert Windows Media Audio (.wma, .wmv, .asf [...]

Tool to Repair PST Files Larger Than 2GB Trial

Tool to Repair PST Files Larger Than 2GB is the best approach to fix outlook PST files, which are damaged or corrupted by oversized PST file (i.e. above 2GB). It is a powerful tool to repair corrupt PST and recovers deleted emails and email folders. [...]

OFC to KMyMoney converter Free

ofc2kmm is a script which converts bank statements from Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Caixa Economica Federal in OFC format to a QIF format accepted by Kmymoney, a personal finance management software for Linux. [...]

FreeSat to TGD converter Free

Running directly on the Topfield Satellite receiver, it will start an EPG recording for the FreeSat platform on Astra 2 and convert received EIT stream data into Topfield Guide Data (TGD). [...]

Php to Xmi converter Free

Php2Xmi is a command-line tool written in PHP which scans PHP classes and builds an XMI file with UML representaion of classes found. XMI could be viewed using KDE\'s Umbrello modelling tool [...]

RIR to DNS converter Free

Build your own DNS zone for looking up country codes from IP addresses. Uses data directly from RIPE, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, and AFRINIC. Update the data on a schedule of your choosing. [...]

xml-to-ascii converter Free

Small XML to ASCII Parser written in Perl as an OO-Perl Module. Can be used to extract pure ascii text from a given xml document. Later: extract text from web documents, or given arrays and hashs. [...]

XML to Man converter Free

xmltoman and xmlmantohtml are two small scripts to convert xml to man pages in groff format or html. It features the usual man page items such a "description", "options", "see also" etc. [...]

ABNF to GRXML Converter Free

This is an application that takes the input of ABNF code and then converts it to GRXML. Both standards adhere to the W3 standard of grammars for speech recognition. [...]

LaTeX to RTF converter Free

LaTeX to RTF convertor that handles equations, figures, and cross-references. [...]