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Junk Call Blocker Free Trial

Junk Call Blocker is a smart application that adapts from your call list to allow you to select specific phone numbers to block (up 10 numbers). Save yourself the headache of having to deal with junk calls by blocking them with this app!Feature Ov [...]

Ultimate Call Blocker Free Trial

Ultimate Call Blocker is designed to filter calls and texts. 3 mode to block a incoming calls☆ End call (send to voicemail immediately)☆ Silent (mute call, caller will hear the ring, then voice mail)☆ Pickup then hangup (may cost [...]

Mr. Busy Call Blocker Free Free

Mr. Busy is back with some adjustments.Description:You are Busy or in a meeting or may be sleeping someone calling you and you dont want pick the incoming call so man use Mr.Busy Application. your mobile will reach in silent mode and all incoming cal [...]

Advanced Sms&Call Blocker-Free Free

Advanced Sms&Call Blocker - With this app you can Block the Unwanted Call or SMS for the numbers which are added in the list. You can remove the numbers from the Blocklist whenever necessary. When the SMS is sent from the number in the Blocklist, you [...]

Call Blocker Trial

Select one or more contacts to completely ignore while others may contact you normally. Incoming calls from blacklisted contacts will be rejected automatically. If you wish, an automated sms reply can be sent to blacklisted callers. Widget supported. [...]

Call Control - Call Blocker Trial

The Original Community Call Blocker and Blacklist app. Blocking calls since 2008, Call Control features patent-pending technology to stop the calls. Don\'t settle for anything less than the original call blocker!Call Control is full featured call [...]

Call Blocker, call control Trial

Block Incoming calls with Call Blocker, many options!Call blocker is an excellent application that lets you create a list of phone numbers to block from your phone. Call Blocker will stop unwanted calls and handle them the way you set Call Blocker [...]

Call Blocker and Text Blocker Trial

Automatically intercept and reject calls and texts from blacklisted, private or unknown numbers Gizmoquip Call Blocker is an easy to use and full featured call blocker that has 5 blocking modes to choose from including Blacklist, Whitelist, Conta [...]

Telemarketing (Junk) Call Blocker Free

Program to block junk calls. Connects to a modem and listens for a caller ID. It then reads strings from a blacklist file and scans them against the caller ID. On a match, it sends off-hook/on-hook commands to the modem, terminating the call. [...]

Dont.Disturb.Me Call Blocker Free

If you use a 2 chip (or more) cellphone, please, don\'t install this!TWITTER:!/NaoPerturbeMePlease, email-me: nao@perturbe.meIf you find a bug, please don\'t rate here. I can\'t reply comments. Send an email to I w [...]