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net Free

www open source projects [...]

Net Clients .NET Free

Client libraries written in C# for text-based internet protocols (so far including NNTP and Dict). These libraries are designed to reflect the RFCs of their respective protocols. With the release of the MS WCF, this project is effectively obsolete. [...]

mpg123.net Free

Famous mpg123 lightweight .net wrapper with sample. For use in your own .net mp3 projects. Read ID3 tags, decoder MP3 files, play them out. Really fast decoder for your managed applications. Written in .net 2.0 and c# [...]

Notepad .NET Free

Notepad .NET is a simple text-editor based on office 2007-like GUI and a tab based editor. [...]

IRCil .Net Free

The project is a GUI implementation of an IRC client. The client will be based on the thresher project. The Application will support both regular IRC & web chat servers using Adapters. At start, the UI will be in Hebrew. [...]

.NET StreamLib Free

.NET StreamLib is a .NET/Mono class library written in C# which is focusing on advanced stream handling tasks which are not available in the .NET/Mono Framework (e.g. forwarding or multiplying of streams). [...]

OSD Net Free

This is a small Perl program, that show via X OSD library rates of interface like eth0, lo, etc. [...]

Net Phone Free

Simple command line IP telephonly application for Linux, that doesn\'t conform to either H.323 or SIP, doesn\'t use RTP and is not interoperable with any other program. It does work well though, and has quite good audio quality. [...]

pion-net Free

The Pion Network Library (pion-net) is an open source C++ development library for implementing lightweight HTTP interfaces. [...]

net-ssh Free

Net-SSH is a client SSH in java (applet). Net-SSH could be launched starting from a simple navigator Web! [...]