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Virtua Flash Policy Daemon Free

Recents versions of Flash(tm) queries port 843 for server\'s policy xml file. This daemon handle this (gives policy to the client) with performance in mind. [...]

Postfix Extensible Policy Daemon Free

The Postfix Extensible Policy Daemon aims to provide a flexible framework for policy delegation in the context of the Postfix MTA. It is written in Perl and accepts policy check routines in the form of Perl modules. [...]

Mailscore Policy Daemon Free

Mailscore is a postfix policy daemon handling host and sender scores to avoid bots & abusing customers through your SMTP relays. [...]

Git-Daemon SELinux Targeted Policy Free

SELinux targeted policy module which extends kernel mandatory access control policies to the standalone git-daemon server. [...]

Greylisting policy daemon for Postfix Free

Greylisting policy daemon for Postfix, written in Python, with SQL support [...]

Policy driven ATMARP Daemon (paarpd) Free

The paarpd provides ARP services for "Classical IP and ARP over ATM" networks (RFC1577, RFC2225) according to an administratively defined policy to provide a more secure and reliable service while still being RFC compliant. [...]

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