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The stinkiest farts in the collection market. It seems to feel really stinks. There\'s Bart Simpson, Santa Claus, reindeer, cow, grandfather, and all the worst fart in the world. You can also use the fart as your ringtone. Do it then download to a frien [...]

Fart Sounds Funny :) Free

This collection consists of two fart games:Fart RingtonesFart Pocket (Fart on command by lifting your leg!!!) Is very easy to use.1) Click the icon and your phone will make a fart.2) Press and hold on icon to set as ringtone, notification or alarm." [...]

Fart Ringtones Free

Get the free fun Fart Ringtones.Is very easy to use. Click the icon and your phone will make a fart.Press and hold on icon to set as ringtone, notification or alarm."Fart Ringtones" Turns your phone into a Fart Machine.Each fart button release [...]

Real Famous Funny Fart Sounds! Free

Finally after popular demand, our most popular Real Famous Funny Fart Sounds! is now available to all Android users absolutely FREEWe have spent the last 6 months compiling the very best Fart sounds for you to listen to today. Of course listening is onl [...]

Funny Sounds & Ringtones Free

Funny Sounds and Ringtones is the funniest app on Market. This app includes 30 different funny sounds which can be easy set as a ringtone, sms or alarm. Big variety of sounds, to start with cows and horses and ends on classic fart ;) Have to try this fu [...]

Funny Sound Ringtone SMStone Free

Funny SoundAndroid Popular Ringtone App contains best selection of the most popular ringtones. Press and hold the setting buttons for features including assigning to a contact ringtone, set as default ringtone, notification or alarm and more...and New i [...]

Fart Sounds Free

Select the tone you want to fart. Do your friends joke. [...]

Funny Farts Free

Make a prank to your friends or family with this motion fart machine! Play fart sound using one of four methods: immediately, delayed on motion detection or on sitting detection.If you put device in your pocket the app can play sound when you sit, lift [...]

Funny Fart Free

This program will detect the vibration and play sound(Dog, rat, flatulence, frog)Friends secretly put a cushion under a chair, in the handbag, in the pocket.How to use1. Select Sound2. Approximately 10 seconds to start vibration sensing* Pregnant women, [...]

Premium Fart Ringtones Free

This is the best collection of FREE Fart Ringtones and Soundboard on Android market.- 48 hand-picked premium quality fart ringtones- Ringtones are selected and recorded carefully for your enjoyment- Nice and clean layout to navigate- Play ringtones on y [...]