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Futsal App Free

Futsal Coach is an application exclusively dedicated to futsal which allows you to prepare your strategies, design your workouts and plan your trainings.Design your strategies by identifying the positions of players at certain moments and preview the re [...]

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Tired of Downloading apps for the second time from Play Store.Simple solution is here.Get Apk Creator. Great tool to backup all your installed applications Apk Creator creates .Apk files of the apps installed on your handset , backup the executable to s [...]

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It is a free apk installer and uninstaller. Simple ui, no ads, no third party and sdcard support. With this lightweight tool you can manage your apps easily and quickly. V1.0.5 - App2SD - Added Write External Storage - SDK 2.2 [...]

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APK Linux Free

This is an embedded Linux distribution for ARM-based Android 4.03+ devices. It is meant to be used as a bare-bones Linux distribution with all the potential functionality of a full desktop. The objective is to make it easily distributed without the need [...]

Futsal Manager Eng Free

App created as an aid to the management of Futsal Team.Main functions:1 - set team name2 - set players name,presence,gol3 - manage substitutions4 - textual summary of the goals of a gameThe substitutions are managed by a list of players, sortable by dra [...]

TestApk Free

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Recover APK Files is fast and secure app, which helps the users to recover deleted APK file from Android Smartphone on Windows Operating System. This award winning APK recovery software facilitates APK file recovery from all brands of Android Smartphone [...]