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gtune Free

a small application for linux desktops intended to help tuning musical instruments [...]

Music Free

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Music Equalizer : Music Player Trial

DescriptionImprove your phone or tablet\'s sound quality with the best Equalizer app.Music Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get the best sound. Music Equalizer is a volume slider with five band Equalizer with Bass [...]

Noivak Music Trial

Noivak Music Official Android App features music, videos, photos, social, tour, etc. by Noivak Music artists. Stay updated with Noivak Music on your Android phone. http://noivakmusic.comPLEASE NOTE: First time download only, the app downloads up t [...]

Music Tools Free

BumpUp & BumpDown let you hear and edit the super high frequency content of your music. Desnap eliminates loud clicks from digital music without losing any brilliance. This is not a filter. It locates snap events and fixes them. [...]

Music Tutor Trial

Music Tutor is an application for a user to train his/her own voice. The main purpose of this software is to analyze voice data gathered from the microphone and display the results in real-time, so that the user may appraise his/her voice. [...]

music videos Free

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music pop Free

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Music Publisher Trial

Music notation software with a completely intuitive interface which leaves you in complete control over the printed page. Includes sound and MIDI output and there is an extended \"Scanning Edition\" which can import music accurately from your scanner. [...]

Music Manager Trial

Music Manager: Where to get a good Music Management Software? Manage music, automatically sort music and organize music with automatic Music Manager. Music Manager - is a music management software. Manage Music - Download Music Manager right now! [...]