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Light QrCode Reader Free

Light QrCode Reader is a basic QRcode and barcode reader Light QrCode Reader is a basic QRcode and barcode reader [...]

QR Code Reader / Scanner Free

QR Code Reader / Scanner Scan 2d QR codes and barcodes of other formats. Use QR codes to instantly access websites, add contacts and a lot more. Manage scan history using easy interface. Share [...]

SHARP QR Code Reader Free

Sharp is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products. This application from Sharp Indonesia allows users to scan QR Code to get exciting promos, spectacular offers, valuable informations, and other awesome usage directl [...]

QR Reader Free

A very simple and easy to use free QR Reader app for your Android device. QR Reader is optimized for devices from Android 2.1 and is tested on latest Android 4.xUse our app to scan all kind of barecodes : QR Code, Data Matrix, UPC, EAN13 and more ... Th [...]

goBeepit - QR code reader Free

Finally you can scan QR codes and view them later (genius, right?). You can even add notes or rename them so you remember what you scanned (a QR reader that is more than just a QR code reader).A pure and simple QR code reader - Free, NO sign-up required [...]

QR-BarCode Reader Professional Trial

The QR-BarCode Reader Professional scans your barcode/QR and stores the location and name of the scanned object in a local database. You can use the scanner for many different things. If you just want to quickly scan a QR(Quick response) code and foll [...]

QR Code Reader from Kaywa Free

Get the Kaywa Reader, the most likeable mobile Reader for NFC tags, QR Codes, Datamatrix and Barcodes. The Kaywa Reader makes sharing data very easy, is fast and comfortable to handle: generate a code and let your friends scan it! It gives you additiona [...]

SCANNER PRO - QR Code Reader Free

With SCANNER PRO you can read the information contained in Bar codes and QR codes. This app is quick and easy to use, the codes may contain text, web links or International Standard Book Number (ISBN). After reading the code can perform different types [...]

Norton Snap qr code reader Free

Norton Snap keeps you a step ahead of potential threats and takes the gamble out of using QR codes. It’s the first QR code scanner that protects you, your identity, and your stuff from online threats by checking the safety of websites linked [...]

Scan - QR Code Barcode Reader Free

Scan is completely free. There are no "lite version" restrictions. It\'s just simple QR Code and barcode scanning the way it should be. Open the app, point the camera at the code and you’re done! No need to take a photo or press a & [...]