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Create KML file Free

the program create KML file from given CSV file [...]


This program converts csv files to kml effectively... it has many command line options... [...]

KML-Editor Free

The KML-Editor is an application for the generation of teaching material and lesson preparations. It assists the teachers in the creation of a knowledge base for their special subject, from with every registered user can compose his unique lessons. [...]

KML Creator Free

PHP Class to easily create KML file. With this class, you can create in PHP lines, points, polygons, timelines organized in folders and output it in kml or kmz file [...]

KML generator Free

csv to kml generator [...]

KML Agent Trial

-View/edit KML files on your phone-Log any events from the app-Record or select locations automatically-Add and edit time stamps for map animation-Perform operations on entire logs or individual events-Add or edit descriptions for [...]

CSV to KML Converter Free

A simple converter program from CSV to KML [...]

Knowledge Markup Language (KML) Free

KML is a knowledge base with support of logical modeling. Advanced model is used to represent knowledge as a set of statements similar to natural language sentences. This project hosts a set of model storage library and server (vrb-ols) and clients. [...]

.KML generator from .CSV files Free

it generates .kml files according to information read from .csv files. [...]

copier of csv to kml (koray kayr) Free

It takes csv files and writes kml files as output. [...]