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Driver Free

The Driver application will train you to the driver\'s theoretical test of the Israeli Ministry of Transport for road vehicles.A lot of questions at all levels and categories.Exercise by categories, Test simulations, Etc...Good Luck! [...]

Driver Identifier Free

Driver Identifier scans your computer for outdated device drivers and allows you to download and install the newer versions. [...]

pen-driver Free

Driver and tools for Pegasus Mobile Notetaker [...]

Driver Management Free

Tracks that a driver hands in their tachograph for each day. Possible extension - notify the driver if they have not handed in their tachograph for the past X days - this warns the driver to hand it in before it becomes a breach of legislation. [...]

PyJdbc driver Free

Python DB driver for Java JDBC. Allows CPython programs to use a java JDBC driver to connect with a database server. It\'s API is Python DB compliant. ZJdbcDA (a zope database adapter) is also included. [...]

EasyCAP DC60 Driver Free

Linux device driver for the EasyCAP Model DC60, with inputs CVBS, S-VIDEO, AUDIO(L), AUDIO(R), and for the EasyCAP002, with four CVBS inputs and microphone input. The USB ID is 05e1:0408 and the manufacturer is Syntek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. [...]

HardSID driver Free

Driver for the HardSID cards (http://www.hardsid.com/) for Linux and other free operating systems. [...]

GPHP driver Free

GPHP is a modification of PHP witch makes Web Programming easier and simpler. Easy to type syntax and program templates makes it easier and simpler. [...]

HD44780 Driver Free

A general driver for controlling a HD44780 (and compatible) Microcontroller over the pc parallel port or any i/o device. This kind of microcontroller is typically used in LCDs (liquid crystal displays). [...]

PFJDBC Driver Free

A wrapper over any JDBC driver, it corrects some of the common mistakes the programmers do during the development process and also provides SQL execution timing information. Hints for: cache, AUTOCOMMIT, ISO LEVEL, performance reports for TX,STMTS, e [...]