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Maki Weather Live Wallpaper Trial

Bored with generic weather live wallpaper? Cute Maki displays your local weather and turns your screen into a beautiful forest.ATTENTION!Please mind that not all Android devices support Live Wallpapers. Please check compatibility before purchase! [...]

Beautiful Live Weather Free

Beautiful Live Weather is a Live Wallpaper for your Android phone! Display a sunny weather, but combined with Beautiful Widgets (from the market), you will be able to watch the real weather conditions, rain, snow, storms, etc! [...]

Weather Sky Live Wallpaper Free

It\'s a live wallpaper of the sky which synchronizes with the actual weather.The scene of a sky changes according to real time and real weather.+The weather information is acquired from "World Weather Online ( )&q [...]

Live Weather Wallpaper Free

Displays a scenic wallpaper image and weather info based on your location. Displays a scenic wallpaper image, animation and weather info corresponding to the real weather at your location. No need to enter your city, state, or postal code. [...]

Weather Live Wallpaper Free

Shows an illustration of the predicted weather at your current location or specified city including the temperature, cloud cover, wind speed & direction, rain, snow, fog and lightning. It also displays the Sun, Moon & Stars with accurate sun and [...]

Weather Wallpaper Free

Weather Wallpaper is a live wallpaper that shows a slideshow of outdoor scenery depending on what the current weather is. If it\'s raining, you\'ll get pictures showing rain. Snowing? You\'ll get blizzard-related pictures. Thundering? You\'ll get to see [...]

Dancing Android Live Wallpaper Free

Dancing Android Live Wallpaper has the best looking Android Dancing on the dance floor with people watching android dancing and shaking it.Dancing Android has the best looking android in the market and awesome for anyone who loves android. Best Wallpape [...]

Android Wall Live Wallpaper Free

Android Wall Live Wallpaper on your home screen with a moving Cube!Android Wall Live Wallpaper Live Wallpaper Cube: Motion on your home screen!TO USE: Home -> Press MENU -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Android Wall Live Wallpaper Live Wa [...]

Android Live Wallpaper Free

Android Live Wallpaper - animated live wallpaper for Android. [...]

Lonely Android Live Wallpaper Free

A Lonely Android Live Wallpaper. A Lonely Android Live Wallpaper. [...]