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AWG Metric Wire Converter Trial

For Electrical Designers, Electricians, and others working with electrical wire.Helps convert between AWG & Metric Wire Sizes by providingsize information to make a choice between the next smallest orlargest wire size in the other syst [...]

Bar Code QR Code Scanner Free

Scan barcodes on products then look up prices and reviews. You can also scan Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.Also share your contacts, apps, and bookmarks via QR Code. [...]

Converter for Metric and More! Trial

Simple app for converting common units in the Metric and English systems of measurement. Choose the unit type, enter a quantity, select the units, and presto! Let this converter solve all your unit conversion needs.Supports every unit you could p [...]

AnyCode & QR code Free

2D barcode, , QR Code, QR , AnyCode, , , , QR code scanner () 2D "AnyCode" QR code contents . . AnyCode(s) QR code . URL 2D barcode, , QR Code, QR , AnyCode, , , , QR code scanner () 2D "AnyCode" QR code contents . . AnyCode(s) QR code [...]

Fun2D QR Code Reader Free

New! Support Reflection QR, Mirror QR!Fix 1D decoderFix the crash problem with Android 4.0 [...]


Wish a link to your website, or a video, or an image or even a file on the web in the form of a QR Code. Use GAMOOZ QR Code Generator to generate QR code for any link on the web.Also, use the QR Code Scanner to scan any QR Code.Contact GAMOOZ [...]

goBeepit - QR code reader Free

A pure and simple QR code reader - Free, NO sign-up required & NO ads! Yes, just because we love you :) Finally you can scan QR codes and view them later (genius, right?). You can even add notes or rename them so you remember what you scan [...]

Graphical QR Code Maker Trial

This software that can easily make QR code in which the dot picture to say nothing of a usual QR code is buried and a colorful QR code. It is also possible to make the QR code from the data of the address book. [...]

Easy QR Code Toolbox Trial

"Easy QR Code Toolbox" aims to be the easiest to use QR code scanner / barcode reader / QR code reader app on the Play Store.It is supposed to provide the user with the most used and most basic ways to create common QR codes / barcodes (QR code ge [...]

Fancy QR Code Maker Free

COOL QR CODE EDITOR apart from performing ordinary functions of information exchange between users of smartphones, it can help to create your own masterpieces, which you can print either on a shirt or a mug or a cup those messages will make sense onl [...]