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Living Wallpaper Free

A Live Wallpaper that really is alive! To open from home screen: Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper -> Living Wallpaper A Live Wallpaper that really is alive! Get mesmerized as the life spawns and grows when you t [...]

The Living Room Live Wallpaper Trial

The Living Room is a mix \'n match live wallpaper which allows you to create over 15,000+ unique combinations for your living room. Features include:* 3D rendered graphics* Live weather conditions out the window* Animated fireplace* Clocks show real ti [...]

Living Garden Live Wallpaper Free

Do you want to be surprised every day? The Living Garden brings a completely unique experience into your hands with the world’s first evolving Garden wallpaper. Every day; your screen will blossom with a beautiful change in your garden à [...]

Living Forest Live Wallpaper Free

Watch a forest of fractal trees grow on your background!No pre-made graphics: each forest is unique, and constantly growing. Check out the demo video below! [...]

LivingColors Live Wallpaper Free

LivingColors is a Live Wallpaper that reacts to a single tap by producing a randomly colored expanding circle. *** PPL PLEASE - this is a Live Wallpaper (Android 2.1 and above). Make sure your Phone supports it! There are phones (mainly with Sprint) th [...]

LiveSpec Live Wallpaper Free

Live wallpaper that displays live audio data as a spectrogram or waveform on the home screen. For additional options also check our pro-version, that allows to change colour, size, update speed and more. App shows up in the live wallpaper list (long tap [...]

LiveStrobe Live Wallpaper Free

Rave with your Android phone! This wallpaper turns your Android phone into a strobe light! READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: This is a live wallpaper, not a standalone app. Live wallpapers are not run in the same way other apps [...]

LiveDate - Live Wallpaper Free

If you like it, buy the donate/paid version LiveDate+This customizable Live-Wallpaper shows the current date and time, with your desired background and custom font.See future features first on LiveDate+ with no Ads in the settings screen!Copy your backg [...]

Live Memories-Live Wallpaper Free

“Live Memories” - An android live wallpaper that will play the heartiest of your reminiscences on the Android screen. Simply select the images for which you would like to create this magically crafted slideshow and transform you [...]

Living Neko w/ Live Wallpaper Free

Based off the old Neko software written for the NEC PC-9801. Touch the screen and watch as Neko (cat), Inu (dog), Usagi (bunny) runs to the spot. Watch as they run about and nap. * Wallpaper for Android 2.1 ONLY * graphic [...]