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Housie Tickets - Creating games and tickets (automatic or manual). Tickets will be numbered (with or without a stub) A numbered stub on the left hand side can be added with tickets. You can create custom tickets (add your own text or sponsors on ticke [...]

Multiplayer Housie Free

Bingo players, join the exciting game of Housie and see fortune is smiling upon which of you! Your goal in this game is to mark a horizontal line of 5 numbers on your ticket so as to call Bingo. When the game starts, each player will be given 6 tickets. [...]

Ticketer Free

Box office managment system built on PHP, Laszlo & Mysql. Featuring: online sales, graphical seat selection, reservations, home ticket printing and more. Ticketer is an open source software that will let you perform Office/Business WWW/HTTP tasks. I [...]

Super Tombola (housie/Bingo) Free

QT program for "Tombola" italian game. You can now play Tombola, generate random boards, save boards in .stb files and print them directly to a printer in color or black and white. It\'s like housie bingo game. Super Tombola (housie/Bingo) is [...]

TicketCreator - Print Your Tickets Trial

TicketCreator is a unique ticketing software to create, design, and print tickets for your events on your normal printer. You can easily print numbered tickets with row and seat numbers, tickets with serial numbers, or general admission tickets. As a sp [...]

TicketBench Pro Trial

TicketBench Pro allows you to design and print tickets, forms, labels, coupons, gift certificates, or any document that requires you to combine text, graphics, serial numbering, reserved seating, and other variable data. From raffle and event tickets to [...]

TicketBench Plus Trial

TicketBench Plus lets you design and print tickets, forms, labels, coupons, gift certificates, or any document that requires text, graphics, or serial numbering. From raffle and event tickets, to business cards and receipts, TicketBench Plus can handle [...]

RailTicket Lite Free

RailTicketLite is the free version of RailTicket. With the free version, you will be able to test drive basic functionality of the full version. Full version is described below.RailTicket is summarized in one line: Train tickets made easy. With RailTick [...]

Ticketing and Event Management Software Trial

Here’s how TLI’s the Ticketing and Event Management System helps make the process of managing, ticketing, billing and tracking an event so much simpler. eEvent Management: • Create events from various event templates within minutes • Customiz [...]

MeeTicket Free

MeeTicket allows you to retrieve and display your boarding passes very easily, whatever the Airline your are flying with. Forget crumpled and lost printed e-mails, and take your flight with class!* Retrieving your mobile boarding pass- Once registered, [...]