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Samsung PC Studio Free

The Samsung PC Studio is the official software release for the Samsung mobile phones and is indispensable for data manag [...]

Pocket Controller for Samsung Trial

Now you can operate your Samsung Android device from your desktop or notebook computer in real time, no wires required! Enhance your Android experience by using the screen and keyboard of your desktop computer to chat with your friends. Deliver capti [...]

SOTI MobiControl for Samsung Trial

Android is now Enterprise-Ready with SOTI MobiControl\'s advanced Mobile Device Management functionality for Samsung!Only install this version if you have a Samsung device with advanced MDM capabilities. This special version of SOTI MobiControl is [...]

SureLock Lockdown for Samsung Trial

Note 1: For Samsung devices only. Do NOT use this version on Samsung rooted devices or custom ROM devices.Note 2: For enterprise use onlyNote 3: Free version has some limitations. Purchase a license to activate it to full version. In case of [...]

BIOS for Samsung S3C4510B Free

BIOS for Samsung S3C4510B based boards. You can use it to setup CPU/ROM/SDRAM/EXTIO, manage and burn flash, load OS kernel and pass arguments to OS kernel (now only uClinux). [...]

Qik for Samsung Free

Qik for Samsung lets you video chat, video mail and share videos with your friends and family. This latest version includes: Live video calls over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi Video calls between Qik Android and iPhone/iOS users High resolution video calling [...]

Basketball For Samsung Devices Free

Play this fun free Basketball game and see if you got the basketball skills to make baskets! Basketball is simple to play but hard to master. Play this fun arcade physics based basketball shooting game. [...]

Blockbuster 2.7 for Samsung Trial

Watch your previously downloaded movies from Blockbuster® on your device with this free app. Want bigger and better? Download the free, new Blockbuster On Demand app, instead. The new app allows you to browse, rent, and watch thousands of movies fro [...]

Belgacom MDP for Samsung Free

MOBILE DEVICE PROTECTION FOR SAMSUNG – APP DESCRIPTION This app is ONLY for Samsung devices that have received firmware upgrades AFTER Sept 2011 and newer devices like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 2. This app won’t install on devices tha [...]

AirForce_Lite for SamSung Trial

Do you want more Infomation ? is flying shooting game, and this game is working by android phone and smartTV, and controlled by android phone. and this game is used touch sensor of android phone, can be contr [...]