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Spider Solitaire Free

Play spider solitaire and other card games. Fabulous artwork and addictive gameplay make this version of spider solitaire extra fun! New features--such as \"graying\" out inactive cards, and a high-score auto-save--make this the best spider solitaire ca [...]

Spider with Solitaire Free

Spider and solitaire now in the same application on your Android.Solitaire spider - one of the most popular solitaire games not only among fans of card games, but also the users of android devices. It\'s not just fun, but and the opportunity to spend a [...]

Expert Spider Solitaire Free

Expert Spider Solitaire (as the name would imply) is extremely challenging, and recommended only for true solitaire champions. Just like regualr (and \"Hard\") Spider Solitaire, Beat Expert Spider Solitaire by removing all cards from the game. You do t [...]

Card Game 4 Suit Spider Solitaire Free

4-Suit Spider Solitaire is like most other solitaire card games (especially spider solitaire) except that it is played with four suits. Try to match up an entire sequence of cards (king-through-ace) of a single suit. Do this eight times, and you win the [...]

Card Game 2 Suit Spider Solitaire Free

2-Suit Spider Solitaire is very similar to the card game spider solitiare, except it is played with 2 suits (hearts AND spades) instead of just one. Like ordinary spider solitaire, the goal is to match up an entire set of cards--king through ace--of the [...]

2 Suit Spider Solitaire Free

2 Suit Spider Solitaire is a free card game. Play this more challenging version of spider solitaire, and try to try to beat your own high score--which is saved for you every time you come back to play. 2 Suit Spider Solitaire has crisp, clean artwork an [...]

4 Suit Spider Solitaire Free

Free card game 4 Suit Spider Solitaire is the most challenging spider solitaire on the web. Play online or download for free, and witness first hand the amazing artwork and fantastic attention to detail that makes this spider solitaire the best. With f [...]

Wasp Spider Solitaire Free

Prepare to get stung--wasp solitaire is here! Wasp solitaire is a derivative of Spider Solitaire: the goal is to create 4 stacks of similarly suited cards from King to Ace. Since this version of wasp solitaire just uses one suit, it is the easiest--but [...]

Four Suit Spider Solitaire Free

Now you\'re in it for a world of pain! This four-suit spider solitaire card game is among the most difficult to be found on our spider solitaire card games website. With four suits, you will be hard-pressed to form any complete stacks of cards without [...]

Spiderette Solitaire (1 Suit) Free

Spiderette solitaire is like spider solitaire, but with a completely different table layout and played with one deck, instead of two. This is the easiest version of spiderette solitaire, and uses only one suit (spades). Download and play spiderette soli [...]