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Tethering Widget Trial

This widget allows you easily share internet in one click. Please take attention to following:1. This is Widget, not App, if you install it, you should go to Launcher(press Home), Menu->Add->Widget. Android Market OPEN button won\'t work. [...]

TJ Bluetooth Tethering Widget Free

With the touch of a button you can turn on or turn off Bluetooth tethering.1x1 size, does not require a lot of space.Routing is not required. [...]

USB Tethering Widget Trial

This is a simple widget for just only USB Tethering.(Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Tethering isn\'t supported.) USB tethering is more secure than the others! [...]

Wifi Tethering Widget Trial

This widget allows you to activate and desactivate the WiFi Tethering from your homescreen.Your phone acts as a WiFi access point, and you can then share easily your 3G/4G internet access to any other WiFi device. [...]

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