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Filters Free

Filters is a image processing library: filter sobel,convolution,morphology,vectorization,segmentation,blob,blur,histogram,susan,threshold,texture,contrast,standard deviation,canny,distance map,matrix,contour,edge,rotation,correlation,gradient anisotropi [...]

CsvFilter Free

This tool provides better filtering options for CSV files. User can add unlimited amount of filters in multiple columns. E.g. MS Excel provides only 2 options for filtering a single column. CsvFilter is an open source software that will let you perform [...]

IM-Filter Free

IM-Filter is a daemon which runs on a Linux firewall and filters ICQ traffic. The daemon can identify filetransfers, handle UIN and word blacklists, manage a list with currently logged in users and log messages sent via the ICQ protocol. IM-Filter is an [...]

RDF Filter Free

This program acts as a filter layer between SAX (The Simple API for XML) and the higher-level RDF (Resource Description Format), an XML-based object-serialization and metadata format. The RDF filter library is used by several RDF-based projects. RDF Fil [...]

Droplist Filter Free

A Javascript class for adding a little search widget next to any droplist, allowing users to search the list\'s items. Useful for lists with many items, especially unsorted ones. Droplist Filter is an open source software that will let you perform Dynam [...]

syslog-filter Free

Store and display syslog data through a MySQL engine. This software can also optionally break down embedded format data in the message string into unique database fields for later viewing. syslog-filter is an open source software that will let you perf [...]

dspam-filter Free

dspam-filter is a filter to invoke the anti-spam tool DSPAM directly from the embedded maildrop in vpopmail via dot-qmail forwarding. DSPAM masquerades as the email server\'s LDA. However most users of Qmail prefer to leave the qmail-queue intact. dspa [...]

Priuli Filter Free

Agilidade com Filtro Dinamico para consultas JPA. Este projeto foi criado para minimizar o trabalho nas construes de queries HQL, , similar ao \'Example\' do Hibernate s que com mais funes. Priuli Filter is an open source software that will let you perf [...]

Proxy with filter Free

It\'s a proxy with filtering of content of webpage or filtering URLs available. Proxy with filter is an open source software that will let you perform Networking WWW/HTTP tasks. It\'s free for both personal and commercial use, thus the perfect choice fo [...]

sk_filter Free

sk_filter is a crossplatform mail filter, written in Python that aims to reduce connection costs for dial-up users. It takes a diffrent approach to filtering, and that is to filter mail based on its size, rather than content. For dial-up this is the on [...]