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JR Hindi English Typing Tutor is touch typing tutor. it provides the easiest and quickest way of learning touch typing. Specially designed according to government typing tests. More than 100 exercises are added for hindi and english. It support Hindi un [...]

Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter Trial

Hindi Unicode Fonts Converter is a remarkable Font Converter Tool adept at converting font of texts in different Devnagri scripts like- Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, Maithili, Nepali, Konkani etc. Tool seamlessly converts fonts like Shusha or kruti to Unico [...]

Typing Exam Software | Typing Tutor Free

Download Free English Typing Exam Software for Informatics Assistant Exam, Download Free English Typing Exam Software for LDC Exam, Download Free English Typing Exam Software for suchana sahayak Exam, Download Free English Typing Exam Software for IA Ex [...]

Unicode Free

Used to test your computer\'s Unicode support and your font\'s support for particular characters, or as a learning to to explore the Unicode character set. Displays in Courier, TimesRoman, Symbol, Dialog and Helvetica. copyright (c) 1996-2008 Nic Fulto [...]

Type Tutor Free

Usually, it takes time to be adapted with touch screen keyboard. With this TypeTutor, you can speed up your typing speed dramatically within few day.It is free software. But, it has embedded AirPush ad.Three sections:PracticeTestGame Usually, it takes t [...]

Typing Tutor Free

Java/Swing based typing tutor that can start via java web start. Typing Tutor is an open source software that will let you perform Education Games/Entertainment tasks. It\'s free for both personal and commercial use, thus the perfect choice for those th [...]

Type OKey typing tutor Trial

Type O'Key multilingual typing tutor is a convenient way to learn the efficient touch-typing system. This program supports multiple languages and keyboard layouts: they are taken directly from keyboard driver and will be changed if you change them. [...]

Unicode to ANSI Converter Trial

Unicode To ANSI Converter is a fast and accurate software tool developed to assist in converting Unicode to ANSI font of devnagri scripts. The tool can convert font in texts of various devnagri scripts like Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Maithili, Nepali, Ko [...]

TypingQueen - Typing Tutor Trial

The knowledge of touch typing has become inevitable today in the use of computers. With our typing tutor we show our users an easy and simple way to learn touch typing. Our typing tutor is self-understanding, so you can start right away (without lots of [...]

TypeFaster Typing Tutor Free

A typing tutor that teaches you to touch type. It supports French, German, Portuguese, US-Dvorak, US-English, Hebrew, Numeric-keypad and more. Typefaster accessible is for blind users. Full Spanish version also. Includes a 3d game. Teacher class support [...]