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PPPOE/ADSL Dialing over WIFI ======================== WIFIPPPOE/ADSL Thank you for using WIFI PPPOE! This app is running on Android Platform. Its main purpose is for user to make PPPOE connection via WIFI, e.g. dialing thro [...]

PPPoE for Android Trial

**WARNING** THIS APP NEEDS ROOT PERMISSIONS AND A PPP ENABLED KERNEL (MOST PHONES HAVE IT), CHECK BEFORE BUYING!!*PPPoE for Android let you establish a PPPoE connection directly from your phone in a very simple way. It\'s useful for those people who hav [...]

Android Manager WiFi Free

Mobile Actioon just announce a all new Free Android PC Sync Tool--Android Manager WiFi. Android Manager WiFi is a Free solution,which allows the Android phone to connect with PC wirelessly via WiFi and it does the following data sync features: * Contact [...]

Peliculas Wifi Gratis: Movies Free

"Peliculas Wifi Gratis: Movies" is an application that lets you watch your movies in an easy and fastFEATURES:- Movies sorted by gender- Technical details of movies with the cover, the director, cast, and synopsis year.- Option to choose the p [...]

Peliculas Wifi Web: Movies Free

"Peliculas Wifi Web: Movies" is an application that you can see for free on your smartphone, tablet or TV (wired HDMI) your favorite movies from a catalog of over 1,600 titles constantly updated.You just need a WiFi or 3G connection, but the s [...]

Blade Wifi Fix Free

Some people with the ZTE Blade / Orange San Francisco phone find that the Wifi doesn't always come back on after the phone wakes up from being locked or asleep. Install this and you wont know its there until you wake up your phone and the Wifi jams, at [...]

Wifi Range Extender Trial

TEMPORARILY 50% OFF#1 Wifi Range Booster for androids!Experiencing problems with your wifi signal? Does it seem like you have to be right next to your router to get a signal? Then this is the app for you! Using innovative code it will allow you to ext [...]

WiFi On/Off Widget Free

Install our stylish FREE WiFi On/Off Widget. This widget lets you turn off and on your wifi connection with one touch.To add the Widget, go to your desctop screen, press Menu->Add->Widget->WiFi On/Off Widget Install our stylish FREE WiFi On/Off [...]

Virtual WiFi Hotspot Free

Virtual WiFi Hotspot Virtual Wifi Hotspot is a free software router for Windows based system running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012. Using Virtual Wifi Hotspot, you can share any internet connection Via Wireless In [...]

Insta Pic Filters Free

Now amazing photo frames are free to download .Insta Photo frames will give a new look with frames and effects to your pics.In this app you can find 30 frames with different themes.You can apply multiple effects like1.Gray scale2.Invert3.Hue4.Saturation [...]